Silver Jewelry Trends Follow the Changes in Fashion and Tastes of People

The industry of sterling silver jewelry has become very interesting. There is a constant flux state with the changes in the tastes and fashions of peoples and so the silver jewelry trends also change. Wholesalers also make an attempt to buy in advance their stocks so that their finger is on the pulse and at an early stage trends can be spotted.

Comprehending jewelry trends is a vital part of operating a profitable business. There is a need to stay ahead of the competitors and to help clients in buying the new trends of silver jewelry. Jewelry trends are formed determining the fashion industry and it mostly runs alongside. The colors and clothes appearing on the runways create an impact that there is a fast sale of the jewelry new line trends.

Fashion trends

During the spring season, light gray, pinks and light blues are the popular colors used by women and this goes well with sterling silver jewelry. Silver jewelry complements the color palette of spring perfectly. Thus, it promotes the silver jewelry sale in spring. The blue and pink stones go perfectly with the dresses colors and so are mostly on the fast move. Even clear crystals pieces set in silver jewelry do well as they complement the clothes color well and so this is on the runways of fashion as trend.


Fashion and women are always inseparable. The ultra feminine look is back and it really makes sense to remember that women feel complete only with jewelry. Consider buying delicate feminine jewelry as it suits the modern look and appears trendy to complete outfits.

In fact, even the rings and bangles look good when they are particularly fine. They suit the trendy clothes and for the chains you can add anything as a heart design or a floral so that it has a good selling point.


A common practice of women during spring is to consider wearing layer clothes and they carry the same attitude with jewelry. They enjoy wearing silver jewelry piling one over the other as a fashion sign. Jewelers are more than pleased with this attitude of women who love to wear rings together or a heavier or some thicker ring. Such multiple purchases done by consumers do not disappoint the retailers as well.

However, retailers must choose carefully their range to get benefitted of this trend. There is a need to buy everything in unison such as bangles, rings and necklaces in sterling silver, so that they buy as a set and it looks good on wearing. As usual, buyers are encouraged by retailers and multiple purchases are done, thus the sale is boosted.

Common jewelry trends

Sterling Silver Bangles work as ultra feminine styles and look better when they are more delicate. Of course, the thicker and bolder styles also have a market.
Silver charm bracelets come as commemorative and romantic charms now and are making great gifts as graduation or romantic charms. Once again the floral designs are popular.
Silver ring wholesale stays the same as fashion trends change. Wholesale sterling silver jewelry will be your go to option.

The Ultimate Jewelry Guide for Every Budget

Getting the best and elegant jewelry is the dream of every lady in the world, but budget to get the jewelry plays an important role. There are a number of ways by which you can purchase the best jewelry in your budget either you have a low level budget or a high level budget. Following are a few jewelry guides for every type of budget:

Jewelry guide for high budget

If you have enough amount to spend on your jewelry then you must go for the gold or the diamond jewelry that is required in most of the places and the events. On the other hand, the handmade jewelry has been required by the ladies to look adorable and trendy in the upcoming events. In order to purchase the best quality and expensive jewelry, we recommend you to visit different brands selling jewelry at a high scale. Most of these brands also have online existence and sell their types of necklace and other products online to the users.

Jewelry guide for limited budget

In order to purchase the jewelry at the budgeted price, we recommend you to purchase the jewelry subscription box. This is the box that is available to you at the limited budget and you can get a variety of jewelry products in it. The price range of the box varies so you can get anyone you want. Another way to purchase the jewelry at limited budget, you have to wait for the sale session of the brands. During their sale season, the brands offer 30 to 70% off on their products and you can purchase that jewelry for your upcoming events.

Jewelry guide for low budget

If you have low budget to purchase the jewelry and want to look elegant and superb on your event, then don’t worry. You can purchase the second hand jewelry that is not only available at lower price, but will make up your event as well. The other way to fulfill your jewelry requirement is that, you can check for the sale session and purchase the jewelry from there. It will surely cut the cost and you will have great event.

At the end, I would like to say that getting the perfect, elegant and nice jewelry is the desire and right of every lady and there must be a budget in daily expenses. You don’t worry about anything, choose your budget and make wise decisions.

Why Choose An Antique or Vintage Ring

If you are anxious about how to find authentic jewellery, read through this article in detail. It is possible to choose the right size and also style for your loved one with the minimum of effort.

You can start by looking into the vintage rings that your loved ones currently wear. Do they want large or simply dainty antique rings? Precisely what colour stones will they have a preference for? Do they favor gold or silver? These types of effortless observations will give you guidance to find the right design and style or precious gems to look for in vintage engagement rings. After you have your loved one’s preference down, then you may start searching out good sellers of antique rings.

Get in touch with antique traders who will often have a considerable availability of vintage and or antique rings. I personally would like the Victorian Age antique rings for their materials. If you come across the correct antique trader, it will be easy to find retro rings which are not simply enchanting but quite affordable too. The added motivation is that most antique traders will know the historical past behind the retro rings they sell and are quite happy to provide you with a provenance certification of the same.

Another choice would be to search the internet. There are literally thousands of sellers who provide wonderful vintage rings to anybody who is able to pay for them. Just make sure that the website that you have decided on to buy from is authentic otherwise you may well not get high quality vintage rings. One other important point is to understand that vintage rings do not actually come in different sizes. You most likely will need to alter the ring’s size to fit your beloved, and you sometimes have to pay extra for the service.

The timeless attraction of vintage fine jewelery is noticeable in the high quality of workmanship, as well as the quality of materials used. Items are hand made by specific metal workers, and not just mass-produced. The Gold employed is hardly ever less than 18 carat, and also premium quality Platinum is also widely used. Diamonds were sourced mainly from South African mines, which in the course of the 1900s, were abundant with diamonds of a better and whiter grade when compared with their modern day mined counterparts.

Due to this, Antique Engagement Rings are actually in high demand, and are becoming increasingly difficult to source. The market place is becoming flooded with duplicate jewelry, which happens to be made with inferior quality metals and also gemstones. As investments, these kinds of items are a false economy, since they will never hold their value like a genuine Antique will. For this reason it will always be important to purchase from a proper retailer or jeweler.

6 Reasons Why Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Archaeological finds include jewelry made from animal hides, leather and plant materials that were decorated with animal teeth, feathers, shells, pebbles, bones, seeds, and flowers. Later, as human technologies advanced, metals and gems began appearing in the archaeological record. A natural gemstone fished from the sea, pearls have been revered for thousands of years as a prized embellishment for their shape, luster, and colors.

From India to China, Egypt to Rome, and throughout the modern world, we give you six reasons why pearls continue to be a girl’s best friend.

Pearls Are Traditional

Coming of age, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, milestone achievements and special occasions are marked with the giving and wearing of pearls. Every pearl is unique and its shape is natural and without artificial modification. Worn as a simple string, an embellished brooch or a delicate bracelet, pearls are, as Jackie Kennedy famously declared, always appropriate.

Pearls Represent Love Bonds

Like a baby that develops in the belly of its mother, pearls are formed within the soft tissue of mollusks like oysters and mussels. Pearls represent the love bond between you and your loved ones like the essential relationship between the strong, resilient, and iridescent mother of pearl of the inner shell and the pearl created within.

Pearls Are Inspiring

When small particles, parasites or organisms gain entry to the shell of certain mollusks, they respond by creating a ‘pearl sac’ to defend themselves against the threatening irritant. Over and over the mollusk secretes calcium carbonate to cover the irritant. With time, these layers build up and result in the formation of a smooth, beautiful pearl.

Keynote speaker and change expert, Susan Young eloquently challenges us to consider changes in our lives – from adversity, difficulties and experiences – through the metaphor of an oyster and its pearl. She says: “As a pearl is formed and its layers grow, a rich iridescence begins to glow. The oyster has taken what was at first an irritation and intrusion and uses it to enrich its value. How can you coat or frame the changes in your life to harvest beauty, brilliance, and wisdom?”

Pearls Are For Good Health

The same elements that make pearls iridescent and strong make pearl powder a beauty ‘superfood’. The fine, white powder of ground pearls is rich in calcium as well as magnesium, amino acids, and trace minerals. Served up by Chinese herbalists as a medical remedy for eons, pearl powder has entered the Western wellness arena as a nutritional supplement for women. Although research and information are limited, pearl powder supplements reportedly help to prevent skin discoloration, digestive issues, and osteoporosis.

Pearl powder has also stepped into the limelight as a star ingredient in cosmetics (which the Chinese already knew about millennia ago!). It is often incorporated into exfoliants, masks, and shimmering finishing powders and eye shadows.

Pearls Are From Water

Environmentally friendly and grown in water, pearls are a gift from nature. Water is considered one of the ‘classical elements’ in ancient Greek philosophy and is associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. As a classic gemstone often gifted and worn for special occasions, pearls are synonymous with memories and emotional experiences. Blessedly, pearls suit all styles and add a touch of elegance to every occasion.

French style guru Genevieve Antoine Dariaux favored pearls. “There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe… long live the pearl necklace, true or false, from our first date until our last breath!”

Pearls Are To Be Gifted, Worn Often And Nurtured

Pearls are often given as a considered and thoughtful gift. The buyer spends the time to choose the most appropriate jewelry type, and they weigh up the size, color, and shape of the pearls with the gift recipient in mind.

Like relationships that are nurtured over time, pearls have to be cared for by their wearer to maintain their warm glow and luster. Acids in perfumes, lotions, hairspray, makeup and swimming pools can damage Pearl’s iridescent coating and dissolve its beautiful shine over time.

Aside from diligently waiting to put on your pearls after applying cosmetics and always removing them before swimming and showering, you can nurture your real pearl jewelry in a number of ways.

Wear your pearls often to improve their luster as the oils from your skin keep them moisturized. Always wipe off traces of perspiration, cosmetics, and lotion using a soft cloth. It is best to have your pearls cleaned by a reliable jeweler to keep them in perfect condition for generations.

Pearls suit every occasion whether you are receiving pearls as a gift, giving them to a loved one or wearing them. As Ki Hackney, founder of Style magazine said, “You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.”